Minus 5 Pre-school is very fortunate to be situated within the grounds of Victory Park in Addlestone, and we make good use of the park’s facilities
Minus 5 Pre-school has been in Addlestone since 1970 and is registered with Surrey County Council’s Early Years Development and Childcare Service to educate children below school age from 2 years of age. We are also registered with OFSTED under the Children’s Act of 1989 and are inspected regularly (our last inspection was in June 2017, and once again we received the maximum of 4 years between inspections). The Pre-school is also a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, which offers support and training to pre-schools.

Minus 5 is an elected, committee- run, non- profit making pre-school and parental support is essential to its success. Our Annual General Meeting, at which the Committee for the following year is elected, is held during the Autumn Term.

At Minus 5 we pride ourselves on our belief in ‘learning through play’, and we monitor, and provide for, the individual needs and interests of each child by using the Early Years Foundation Stage.